Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She asked, so I went

What a nice day we had!  I finished it off having dinner with Jennilee at one of my most favoritest places, Fishbones! We had fun girl talk and yummy dinners! I had southwestern chicken tacos with a side of chips.  I wasn't a fan of the tortilla so I just ate the inside :)
I think their chips have a special seasoning that is fantastico and that white sauce is to die for! oh so many calories but oh so good!!

Thanks to being "friends" with Feeney's on Facebook, I had to see their specials today and had to check them out!  I love that place and could eat Fro Yo every day!  I did better with my measuring today.  
About 15 min. after finishing my dessert, Mom called and wanted to go to the gym.  I had planned on taking the day off since I had a dinner date but in the back of my head I was thinking if Mom called, I would go with her.  ... so Thanks mom for calling or my fat a would still be sitting on the couch wishing I had more yogurt!  I went for 50 min and burned 420 calories.  So basically I burned off my fro yo and like 5 chips!  Do you ever do that?  I would say every time I work out I think about what food I burned off that day.  I usually know exactly how many calories I have eaten in a meal and will try to burn that off before I can leave :) Somethings gotta keep me there!

It's that time again.... time for more Dr. visits, injections, poking and prodding. ugh.  lots of prayers please!

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