Monday, March 29, 2010

Shopping, Baking and More!

WOW! Today was packed with lots of shopping!  I started the morning off with a dead car battery. UGH. I had to get a friend to come jump my car off so I could make it to AutoZone to get a new battery. Shop #1 - $90 battery.  Rushed to the RUSH! ha! and did a strength class and some cardio.  Then headed to the Teet for some triple coupon deals! I spent $46 and saved $55 in coupons! heck ya! i love it! I was famished after all the shopping so had a snack of yogurt and delicious strawberries
followed by a ff hot dog with spinach and broc
Then had a last minute decision to make a trip to Trader Joe's!!  I love that store and so wish we had one in the Boro.  Here are some of my new finds
have you ever had Kefir?  I asked one of the clerks and they didn't know much about it, so let me have a taste test!  The strawberry was delicious! I got strawberry and plain.  It is like yogurt.  I bought tofu for the first time.. maybe I'll give it a whirl tomorrow!  OH.. that truffle pizza is so yummy!
After all the shopping I needed another snack! Guac with brown rice chips :)
When we were in ATL this weekend J's mom made bran muffins.  Justin loved them so I decided to try them for myself!  The original recipe calls for Crisco and I did not have any, nor was I going to buy it so I used ff yogurt and applesauce.  They turned out good!  I had a little bottleneck mixing all the ingredients - the bowl was overflowing!! oops!
soaking the bran
bowl overflowing and still have one more ingredient!
Yummy muffins!! minus one J had to try while they were still hot! Success! 

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