Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Tri kind of weekend!

We are back!  Thanks to Justin's Ninja like abilities, we out ran the tornadoes.  The weather is always crappy when we go to ATL.  It rained on the way and major storms/tornado warnings on the way home. 
We were a little crammed on the way down - carrying our weekend luggage (you would think we were staying a week!), Coltrane, the bikes and Justin's Grandma's old sewing table. 
Coltrane was a good sport and slept in a ball most of the way!

We got in late and hit the sack around 12.  Got up early for a swim.  We needed to time our 100 yd free so we would know what group to swim in.  Justin did great!  My time puts me in the first group (yay) but I think I am going to register for the second group.  It's a good thing I can swim bc my bike and run are super slow.  You can't win by your swim :( sorry kel!

After the swim the out laws took us to Dick's to get new bathing suits (mine is at least 12 years old).  It was pretty miserable trying out suits...  went home had a quick lunch then suited back up for a bike ride.  Justin, his dad and I did 16 miles and his mom and a family friend did 40! they are training for the st. pete tri in a month.  16 was enough for me.  it was a pretty trail with lots to look at.  their friend let me borrow her wind jacket.  I felt so official!! 
Since we finished early, I talked the boys into letting me go to Whole Foods.  I am in search of coconut butter.  I keep reading about it on the food blogs but not exactly sure what it is.  I found coconut oil but I don't think that is the same thing.  well.. they didn't have it or maybe i just didn't feel like searching the store with two men!  BUT we did scope out the protein bars for J's mom and bought 5 to do a taste test with!
The think thin bars were NOT good.  I will not be trying these again.  I was most looking forward to the kashi turtle bar - not much taste here either.  Balance bars win!
this is the kashi bar that i had high hopes for!

then we needed to have a potato chip cookie made by J's mom.
they are the best!!
On the way back from ATL we pass three outlet malls.  I talked J into stopping at the Gaffney outlets.  As usual, I left with nothing.  I went to JCrew, Banana, Gap, Ann Taylor, and Nike.  I tried on a lot but no success.  Aint that some ___.  It seems every time you have the money/time to spend, you don't find anything.  So after an hour of shopping we were back on the road in rain and stand still traffic.  Justin was not a happy camper. 
Planned on going to the gym when we got home but thanks to the lovely weather I will just double it up tomorrow!
glad to be home!

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