Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snacky McSnackerson

I have been so snacky the past two days.  I hate that... I swore I was not an emotional eater, but maybe I am?
Side note back to yesterday morning.  Sat. I bought some new Oats at Trader Joe's so I tried them out. FAIL
I also copied Heather and added some Pumpkin. OMG it was terrible! Not sure what made it so bad, but it was and I had to throw it out and have chocolate cheerios with banana!
I'm telling ya. these CC rock!!!  The banana and almond milk were an added bonus!!

OK -so back to today!  I did not want to take risk this morning so I played it safe with an english muffin, 1/2 with almond butter and honey and the other half with blueberry jam with a side of yogurt mixed with granola, 1/2 nana and some bb.  Very tasty, but for some reason I was hungry in 2 hrs. Cuties to save the day!
I was running late this morning (what's new) so I grabbed a frozen Healthy Choice.  This was pretty good!
Not very filling!  Or maybe it was.... I was just in the mood to snack.  Not but 30 min later I was wanting chocolate so I reached for my hidden stash in my drawer.  I found a Weight Watchers brownie - ate that then someone had to mention a parent brought in homemade cookies.. OMG. really?  Usually I can control myself, but not today!  I had one and they were small! Then prob. 2 hours later I had a pear!! Are you kidding me?
SO, even though it looked like this outside:

I dragged myself to the gym.  a much need trip  I went what i though was 30 min early to do some running before Zumba, only to find out I was an hour early!.... and had an IPOD that was dead. I am one of those who has to have music to stay.  I was going to go back home to do a video but I ran into a student who talked me into staying and she shared her ipod with me while we waited for zumba.  I was so antsy I did 10 min of stair step, 15 min of elliptical, 6 on bike then ran a mile THEN did 50 min of zumba! I left with a whopping 800 calories with 50% of it fat calories! nice! and much needed after my snacky day!
Dinner was light - fish, mash taters with edamame, spinach and mixed veggies

I might of been talked into making cake for work tomorrow.... German Chocolate with vanilla icing 

made with applesauce, one egg and two egg whites

I need want a new mixer

ta da!
Justin wanted to be the taster and I guess I had a little too!

this is j's piece so there is real icing. mine is made with marshmellow fluff, sf pudding and cool whip
What is the verdict for tomorrow? 2hr or 3hr delay? or no school?  I am pulling for a delay!

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