Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to the grind

Boy was it hard to get going today!  I left the house without my phone this morning so I had to use my lunch break to come get it. It was actually a nice break in the day. 

After telling everyone about the triathlon, all I could think about was my next, much needed, workout! So to the gym it was!  I had a great 3 mile run and about 20 minutes of strength exercises.  It feels good to run again :)  I am trying to get in as much as I can now, bc in about 3 weeks, that will be o-ver :(  My drugstore comes next week!  Dr. D called today and my insurance did not cover one of the meds (it was a nasal spray) so they had to switch to another injection. UGH. That will be fun! not.

Oh-big shout out to my Aunt Ann.  She got a job!! Poor thing has had a rough 2 years and finally, after lots of prayers, she got a great job with great benefits!  We are all so excited for her :)

I did not do my usual grocery store trip yesterday bc we have plenty of food at the house....however, i had to slip in for a few necessities (milk, eggs, fruit...) I unexpectedly bought some ground turkey that was on sale - which changed my dinner plans! I had been thinking about fish tacos all day, but that changed into baked spaghetti.
I love green beans! I could probably eat them all meals of the day :)

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