Sunday, April 18, 2010

Triathlon or Moutain bike ride?

Whew! this weekend flew by, just like the bikers that whizzed past me!  OK, So as I have mentioned in previous post, yesterday was the Belews triathlon. I have so many realizations and comments...where to start?

Lets start off with where I was placed.  When you registered, you gave them your 100 yd swim time.  I used to be a swimmer so I just added 10 seconds to my high school time.  Well, little did I know ( I didn't read the rest of the description/directions) I was going to be placed in the front bc of the time I posted.  I was number 66 out of 5somthing.  I started with the REAL triathletes, with real bikes and real outfits!!! 
I am pleased to say out of 125 women I came in 22 in my swim!!!! hells ya! BUT let's just say the bike was a joke!!  After nearly dying after the swim I headed to the transition

I'll admit, this was an awful transition, nearly 5 minutes!! oops! Then off to the dreaded bike. There are not enough words to describe how awful this was!  First- it started off uphill - strike 1!  Second - I was on a mountain bike - strike 2.  Let's just say the first comment from a fellow biker was " Hellls ya, that's nice ride" I was mortified!! other comments I heard while at least 200 real bikers passed me were " on the left" , "keep pedaling, you'll make it!", "don't give up, you're almost there", "keep it up girl!"  Most people felt sorry for me!  I kept trying to think of clever replies like " thanks, just out for my Sunday stroll!!" or "wanna trade?"  I would say at least 200 people passed me and I was the only mountain bike and only person wearing a tshirt! everyone else had on official gear! ha!
Don't be jealous of my biking skills!
My run was actually pretty good.  I did under a 10 min. pace, which is good for me!
Lessons learned:
1.  Training should begin way before two weeks before the tri!!
2.  Mountain bikes are no good...even with hybrid tires
3.  I hate bikes!!

OH..Breaking News!  I beat my husband by 4 minutes!! You don't understand how great this is!! Thanks to the swim ( I had a 7 min lead) I won!!  He had me by  3 seconds on the bike and 4 minutes on the run... and don't think he hasn't come up with every excuse in the book of why he lost!! (ie: had to pee after swim, therefore longer transition, heavier bike, knobby tires....) but 4 minutes is 4 minutes!!! I love it! His friends are giving him hell!
Anywho... a little sore in the arms today, but otherwise a great day.  Slept in, visit with family, and dinner with friends!

Much luck to my Mother in Law who is competing in the St. Pete Tri next weekend.  After dying through a sprint, I give mad props to a full tri!! I can't imagine!!

Off ot another work week!!

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  1. Why do you hate bikes? :D They're cool.. My husband just got me a Lapierre mountain bike, and for a lady, it's not that hard to use, I tell you :)