Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

After I got over my pity party and remembered how blessed I truly was, J and I went to the park. He went to the left for a run and I went to the right for a power walk.  Although I am not pregnant, I still can not run or do high impact until I get an u/s and free of cysts.  I'll prob. have an appt this week.  We will wait til after we win the lottery we are finished with our May weddings to move forward with the next procedure.
Yesterday I dyed eggs and today I made Noble Pig's peep cake!  Isn't it the cutest?
A little lop sidded and minus one of the chocolate layers... it crumbled! 
Definitely did not look as good as Noble Pig's but for me, it was great!  I over cooked the yellow cake a little.  I was more interested in look rather than taste.  I do not eat peeps!

Mom, Dad and their friend, Billy came over for Easter dinner.  We had a ham, potato casserole and green beans.  I am not a huge fan of ham.. I probably eat it twice a year, Thanksgiving and Easter.

And a great time was had by all!  He has Risen!!

Now it's time to get ready for reality tomorrow. No more Spring Break :(


  1. I enjoyed your blog! Who doesn't enjoy close-ups of cheeseburgers, the nostalgia of a PAAS colored egg, a black lab-half-hidden in the green grass? As I read each caption, I felt more and more compelled by your honesty and sincerity, your kindness, your patience, and this enduring hope to fulfill your dream. To that end, I hope to one day see your bright and happy pictures of food and fun, accompanied, but not replaced, by bright and happy little ones. You will be a terrific mom.

  2. Looks yummy! I love that hashbrown/potato casserole. So good!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  3. I think your cake is adorable! (But I agree- no peeps for me!)