Monday, April 5, 2010

I got nothing!

Today was pretty boring in my book.  Just the average day at work followed by a much needed trip to the gym.  I actually ran for 28 minutes.  It was very slow, but it was a run! It felt great! Then I did 20 min on the bike. I prob. should not have been running but it was so slow that I made it ok.  Speaking of drs.... I talked to Dr. D's nurse today.  Basically we decided to do IVF (hell with what we have spent already, we could have paid for half) and that is what the dr recommends as well.  Apparently, they put all of their patients on the same cycle so we would start May 8th or if we waited, June 12th.  I am ready to jump in, BUT we have to figure out the $$ first. Fun stuff

Justin went to the Masters with a friend today so it was just me for dinner.  I thought I wanted another tofu mexican salad but after my first bite, it made it down the drain!
I'm not sure if it was to much lime juice or that the tofu was "firm" and last time it was "extra firm".  So I decided to have some spinach and brown rice with a few wheat berries.

I had so many leftover hard boiled eggs I decided to whip up some egg salad for lunches this week.  I put in 5 eggs: 2 whole and 3 whites.  It was eggcellent! ha!  After making J's sandwich, I added chopped red pepper to mine! It added great flavor!

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  1. May 8th is a lucky's my bday!! Too bad they don't have scholarships for things like this...

  2. hey girlie!
    sometimes dinners alone are so great! and relaxing!! LOVE the spinach...I can't seem to get enough lately ;)
    I hope you're having a great day!

  3. Salads are my favorite fall backs :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours! I love egg salads and I always keep a couple boiled just in case.

    Have a great week!