Friday, April 9, 2010

Get your booty in gear!

That's right.  It just dawned on me this week that the Belews Lake Triathlon is one week from tomorrow! OMG!  I really haven't been "training" all that much.  Tonight I headed to practice all three.  I did minimal bike and run (3.2 bike, 1 mile run) then I did somewhere b/t 32-36 laps (about 1/2 mile) then a 100 cool down of breast stroke.  I can never keep accurate count.  I would say I did 36 but who knows!?  Tomorrow Justin and I are going for a swim then run. 

The roof of my mouth is still burnt.  I think it is swollen!  no fun.  I had to eat my oatmeal cold this morning.
I broke the no french fry streak.  Our SRO made a run to Chick-Fil-A and I jumped on that wagon!  i have a rule: if I get the original sandwich, I have to get fruit or no side.. but if I get the chargrilled, then I get FF. so duh, going 50some days with out ff had them calling my name!! however - after a 20 min car ride and 30 seconds in the microwave, they weren't as good as I was hoping. 

Tonight Justin and I stayed in.  I made a nice, light dinner of tilapia, orzo and snap peas.  It hit the spot. 
I added edamame beans, asparagus, artichokes and red peppers to my orzo!
Then I should mention I made a quick stop at the Fresh Market after work and just happened to pick up two of these pieces of heaven!

Sweet dreams!

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