Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Infertility awareness week

Did you know it was Infertility Awareness Week?  I did not until I was reading this blog.  I never realized how many couples were struggling with infertility.  I have read so many wonderful success stories this morning.  It gives you hope that with faith, patience, and time, your dreams can come true!

A quick version of our story:
Justin and I got married in July 07.  I went off the pill in August 07 and we started ttc in December.  I bought numerous ovulation kits, basal thermometer, and started my prenatals.  We tried on our own until my next yearly visit to my OBGYN (August 08).  She put me on Femara and I would go in for monthly blood test to see if I was/had ovulated.  There was never a consistent month of ovulation and I never had a positive on the ovulation predictor kits.  March of 09 I went in for an HSG to make sure there was no blockage in my tubes.  This was so painful (I'm a wimp) but showed no blockages.  She then scheduled for me to meet Dr. Deaton at Premier Fertility Center.  He said my FSH and LH levels were very low and I had irregular ovulation.  So May of 09 I started Ovidrel injections and continued (without success) until July 09.  August 09 we started Hormone injections (Menopur)  where I would have to give myself a shot every night for about 10-14 days followed by dr visits every three days for ultrasounds and blood work and the ovidrel injection. - nothing! We have since done three IUI's (Dec, Feb, and March) so here we are with IVF right around the corner.
My drugstore came last week and I start my first set of injections tomorrow night.
I have so many emotions right now: anxious, excited, scared.....  It has been so hard, emotionally, being let down so many times and I have found myself asking "why" all the time.  I am realizing that we are on God's time, not ours and this is just a bump in the road and is definitely showing/strengthening our Faith.

There is a cool giveaway for this necklace over at Tiffany's blog.  I need want it!!

Also, check out this infertility 101.  It is a myth buster!

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