Monday, April 26, 2010

Countdown to the beach!

It's on!  I am officially leaving for the Outer Banks Thursday night!! (Justin leaves Wed. morning to go fishing) I am so glad we are able to leave Thurs instead of Friday.  Now I can get my nails done with the girls and hit the beach! Home girl needs a tan!!
I did go out in search for a dress tonight....with no luck.  I did splurge on pair of jeans and of course Justin didn't love them.  Actually he liked them but said there was a wrinkle under my butt.... Isn't that a nice way of saying they're to tight! ha! thanks babe!  I am fed up looking for jeans... will I EVER find that perfect pair?

Today went by incredibly slow.  I was counting down til lunch (my halfway point that I look forward to every day!)  I had left over rotisserie chicken with a side of Green Giant's snap peas, red peppers and potatoes. Yum!

I was so proud of myself! When I got home from Costco, I actually got out my food scale to portion out the chicken!  I struggle with portion sizes and a food scale is a wonderful tool!

I made a quick trip to the gym (3.25 mile run, arms and abs), came home made a salmon dinner
marinated salmon with pasta salad (orzo, evoo, edamame beans, peppers, spinach, herbs and feta)
 oh and a side of asparagus!

Tomorrow is Tuesday (for those who don't know that already!) which means i have to go shopping again in hopes to find a dress for this weekend. Why is it you can't find anything when you have the money or need it?!

What are your favorite jeans?
Seen any cute dresses lately?

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