Thursday, April 22, 2010


That's me.  Jinxed.  It is never to good to be true. 
Tonight I met two really cool girls for drinks at Cafe Pasta for Schmoozefest.  It was outdoors, good band and beautiful weather.  And best of all:  FREE! You got two free drink tickets and could stand in line for some free pasta. I'm in!

So here is the jinx.  I wore white pants!  My friend said, "I'll be impressed if you can do that with out getting anything on your pants"

I did it!!

.......until I walked in the door.  My lovely dog wiped his nasty face on my leg. OMG. i was so mad!  I survived red wine and pasta with red sauce, yet I can't make it one minute at home without ruining my white pants.  They were immediately thrown in the wash so I am hoping and praying his nastiness came out!

anywho....let's throw it back to this morning when I experienced my second OIAJ!!
I didn't like it at all :)

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