Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Food.  That is all I thought about today... and well, pretty much what I think about all day, every day!  After catching up on everyone's blog, I stopped by Simply Recipes for some new ideas.  Man oh man does she have some delicious looking meals!!  I had already planned on having the tilapia we did not have last night so I searched her fish section, only leading me to the cheese section, which gave me the idea for fish quesadilla!

Then, while at the gym (2.2 mile run on treadmill and 20 min on elliptical plus 5 min of jump rope) all I could think about was spinach, and the spinach flat bread from Village Tavern the other night) so this is what i came up with for dinner!
loaded up with ff re-fried beans, fish, green chiles, cheese, peppers and topped with sour cream and salsa
with a side of brown rice

My indecisiveness:
Trader Joe's whole wheat tortilla topped with stewed tomatoes, spinach and reduced fat feta cheese!

Whole wheat tortilla with ff re-fried beans, fish, green chilies, peppers, tomato and ff sour cream

This combo really hit the spot!  So much I'll have the same for lunch tomorrow, but sans the tortillas.  
While I was putting all this together, I roasted the last of my veggies! YUM!  these make great lunch wraps!

Looking forward to Girls night Thursday which means Bible Study Wednesday, which means double studying tonight!  

Good night....going to dream about what I'll have for breakfast!