Friday, April 23, 2010


Tonight we met my Mom, Dad, and dad's best friend Billy for dinner.  We met at a local place called the Lindly Park Filling Station.  It was so good! The menu looked fabulous and it took me many minutes to find what would be the perfect dinner.  Lets just preface with tots! I mean... who doesn't love tater tots?!

I went with a pita stuffed with red pepper hummus, cukes, tomatoes, peperchini (or however you spell it!) and feta cheese. um .. yum!!

Dad and his friend Billy were our entertainment for the night.  I am not kidding when I say Billy got on the floor to do push-ups.  OMG. I about died....laughing. ha! luckily there was a young couple next to us.  Later our friend Kerry said the girl was like "oh my, is he ok?" she thought he had fallin out or had gotten hurt.  He did two and a half push-ups!  Ok.. so maybe you had to be there...but it was funny.  brooke and I are afraid this is going to be Justin and Kerry 30 years from now!

Best buds! Billy and Dad!
Oh.. and I'm not gonna lie.... I was a member of the clean plate club tonight!!  I finished every tot and my whole pita! AND the best part..... (for the first time in a while..) No guilt!  It was a great feeling!

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  1. Dinner looks delicious and sounds like so much fun!
    I love not feeling food guilt- it's the best!