Monday, May 10, 2010

Buh-Bye Monday

Anyone else over Mondays?  The past two Mondays have been especially hard - traveling, too much fun and not enough sleep!  I was super busy at work today so the day went by pretty fast.  Tonight was our last Junior League Meeting until August.  It was a nice meeting and I look forward to August when I get to be on Membership committee with a lot of really cool women!  Our meeting started at 7 ( I forgot to send in the check for dinner, in which case I should have been there at 6....oops) so I b-lined it to a MUCH needed workout at the gym.  I have fallen off the wagon and felt every 28 minutes I did today! ha! I was in a hurry!
Justin was hitting golf balls so I whipped up a quick dinner before I left:
Spring mix with roasted asparagus, peppers, egg, cucumber and feta cheese topped with balsamic glaze and rice vinegar
 Salmon, broc, and brown rice
I came home hungry (what's new) and needed wanted something sweet... wanted fruit but also wanted almond butter.. so i did the obvious and mixed it!
raspberries, strawberries, light vanilla ice cream 1/2 tbs almond butter, cinnamon and a few walnuts!

Just finished a nice, warm mug of sleepy time and I am now ready for some a good night's rest!

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  1. Your dinner looks like absolute perfection...a meal doesn't have to be fancy to be awesome! Salmon and broc are two of my favorite foods :)