Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I need a new day planner/calendar.  I used to have this little red one that was the perfect size and used it for everything.  When school started back in Aug. I bought a cuter, but larger planner.  I just had to have it bc it was white and green - my fave.  Well... I haven't looked in that thing since Dec! I think this is one reason I have been so overwhelmed and unorganized lately.  With all the weddings, meetings, and appointments I am losing my mind!  That will be on my to do list for the weekend...

Is it sad that I have serious discussion in my head about what I'm gonna have for breakfast?  This occurs every morning as I am drying my hair ( I have a specific routine and I have to dry my hair before I eat )  Was I gonna have a loaded bowl of oatmeal, fiber one loaded with strawberries and raspberries, ww waffle with almond butter and nana, or arnold sandwich thin with 1/2 peanut butter and honey and 1/2 blueberry preserves.  Wow!  this is what is in my head every morning.  Well today I decided with oatmeal and it was a wise decision!
Today's workout was about 15 min stair step and a 45 min strength class.  The class was ok - not what I was looking for after being off the wagon for 5 days.
Had another conversation with myself about dinner.  Ended up with baked spaghetti and lots of left over broc.

Now it's the dreaded part of the night: meds. ugh. 
Tomorrow is my first dr. appt on this IVF cycle.  I am excited to see how things are going.  Today I started noticing a slight bloating feeling especially when I was at the gym - which means it's about time to go low impact.  I can't believe how fast things are moving.  Friday's appointment will let us know which day we will do the retrieval.  Oh... Today my friend found out she was having a BOY! Super excited for her!!


  1. I love all the fruit in your oatmeal!! Definitely a good way to start your day. I'm keeping you in my prayers as you continue these treatments, best of luck to you! xoxo

  2. I am new here, I love your blog you are so real! Good luck with your treatments!