Friday, May 21, 2010

Guess what I found?!

The bag of lettuce that was MIA!!!!  (excuse the mess of a drawer)  I went to get a pair of scissors and there it was!  I laughed so hard.  Who knows what I was doing when I put this in here!!

J and I were both so tired today.  Work was insanely busy and I couldn't wait to come home and relax!  We kept it simple for dinner - Trader Joe's truffle mushroom pizza and a salad.  I added artichokes and zucchini to my side and J added black olives.  This pizza is to small amazing!! I could easily eat the whole thing myself!
After dinner I headed to ULTA to return a bum hair dryer for a new one with some power!  then headed to Francescas (sp) to return some jeans.  I now have over $100 credit there and have had no luck finding something that i like or that is flattering. I probably tried on 7 things and left with 0.  Boo.. that stinks.  I have been so hard on myself lately and I hate it.  I have gained almost 12 pounds since August (after losing 20 on WW then starting fertility meds)  It is consuming all of my thoughts.  I can't eat a meal without feeling guilty for eating to much or the wrong thing.  OR feeling guilty for not going to the gym.  The added stress I am causing myself probably doesn't help the lbs either. 

On another note. I had my last blood work appt.  According to the nurse, it came back great.  Tonight i took my last shot, the trigger shot.  Now it's just a countdown to Sunday morning!!! oh my!  I can't believe it is finally time!

Tomorrow is supposed to be kind of rainy :( but I am planning on a much needed trip to the Farmer's Market for some fresh strawberries.  I really want to go strawberry picking, but don't want to go by myself.  I am hoping for some good finds so I can think of something to take to our cookout tomorrow night.  I was thinking a trifle?!  

Time for some zzzzzzzzz


  1. I'll go strawberry picking with you!! Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you guys!! :)

  2. OMG I am DYING laughing about the lettuce!!! Hilarious!