Monday, May 31, 2010

Not your typical car wash!

Coltrane needed a bath and I needed my car cleaned BAD! so we killed two birds with one stone!
He loves car rides...more than the bath part!
So fresh and clean clean!

After the baths and mowed yard we were hungry for something new.  We went to Iron Hen for Fresh. Local. Good.  :)  I had the portabello sandwich and J had the prime rib sandwich.  It was so x 10 good!!
with a side of sweet potato chips!
The clouds started rolling in and turning dark so we headed home to snuggle up and watch another movie!  We rented Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson.  It was a great action movie! 
After the wonderful portabella sandwich this afternoon, I wanted to grill some on my own...along with peppers, squash and onions with a side of corn on the cob.  I had this whole gourmet picture in my head... only it was all a flop.  We need some grill classes or something! first the coals lost their flame so we took everything off and put a whole new set on... then we burned and did not cook them all the way.  the only thing that tasted good was the corn that we boiled.  We ate a few bites then threw the rest away.  what a waste!
So we had the next best thing: FRO YO!!!!

Oh.. my strawberry plant is doing much better and there is a bloom for the zucchini!


  1. Don't you hate it when you ruin a meal? I did that a week or so ago with something I cooked in the crock pot. I craved it all day, but when I got home it was just nasty!!