Tuesday, June 1, 2010

no more stress....

I think! ha!  This weekend I had some cramping that reminded me of starting my period.  I started stressing and immediately getting sad and scared.  To ease some of my crazy thoughts, I emailed my nurse and asked if it was normal to be cramping and asked where am I in my cycle?  With the retrieval and transfer, I have no idea when I would even start.  She assured me I would not start before I go in for blood work (mainly bc of all the meds I still have to take) and that it is very normal to have cramps.  Ahhhh.... I can breathe! 
This afternoon I got a call from Dr. W (embryologist) and he told us we had two more eggs that made it to blasocyst stage so we now have a total of 4 eggs that will be frozen! yay!  When he asked how I was feeling, I told him about the cramping (you can't have to many assurances! (is that even a word?)  ) and he said that most women do feel cramping and that many times cramping occurs during implantation!!!  I feel so relieved after talking to the two of them today :)

I had a Junior League Committee meeting tonight.  This year my placement is Membership, where I will serve as a Membership Adviser!  I felt so honored to be picked!  I am also nervous and don't want to let anyone down.  I am a very outgoing person, but when it comes to Leader positions, I get very insecure that I won't do something right and don't like to speak up in fear it will be stupid or the wrong timing.  I am hoping I will grow confidence this year!  We have a great group and I look forward to meeting the upcoming provisionals!! 

Don't feel like uploading pics tonight...pretty boring day!  Must go attend to the hubs..he took something with Ibuprofen (which he is allergic to) and is starting to break out in hives! Oh MY!  He got mad when I wanted to stare at him and I told him I need to survey him in case I had to call the Dr!!  haha!  It's not too bad, I have seen worse on him...nothing a little benadryl can't fix!

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