Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eventful day!

What a day!!!  My day started at 9 babysitting the Reaves twins til 11:30, lunch with my friend Jennifer who just had a baby. volunteer at Bargin Box 3:30-6:30, dinner with the girls 7:30.  I am beyond tired!
It was so nice to meet the girls for dinner.  It seemed everyone was celebrating something special, 4 engagements, anniversaries, and pregnancy.  I was good and kept my mouth shut.  It was so hard.  I wanted to jump in and share my good news too!
J called me on the way home to come meet him pick him up from Village Tavern.  He had been with customers and consuming adult beverages for quite a while.  As we were about to leave this guy came up and started talking to me and saying something about me being married.  I had no idea what he was even saying so I told him I didn't know what he was talking about.  Our friend Kerry kind of stepped in and the guy started talking junk to him asking if he was my guardian..... wrong thing to say!  Kerry, Justin and Jay all got mad and there were lots of words exchanged....loudly.  I was very embarrassed.  I am sure it wasn't good for my heart rate to get that high!! time for bed...gotta get up early for the dentist :( love my dentist, but hate going!!

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