Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is the weekend already over?  Yesterday I enjoyed some "me" time at the pool.  It was Africa hot.  I even thought about getting in the pool until they closed the lap pool due to someone yaking.  Gross!!  ended up going to Target with Brooke and found two cute dresses! 
This morning Justin decided to wake up at 6:30 - which meant I was awake too.  I was all ready to go to church when he "bribed" me not to go.  He said we could go to Lowes to get a new rug AND to the grocery store!  He never goes to the store with me.  I gave in!  We finally have a new and CLEAN rug for our den!
All that shopping made me hungry for this new find.
Lean Cuisine's new Spinach, Artichoke and chicken sandwich.  It was so good x 10 :)  with a side of squash and huge helping of watermelon!

Tomorrow is my last day of work til August! Woo Hoo!! I also have my second dr appt for blood work to make sure everything is progressing as normal.  I will be anxiously awaiting the afternoon phone call.


  1. I LOVE that LC sandwich. It is SOOOOO yummy!!

  2. Wohoooooooooooo for your last day at work and I hope the doctor appt goes well tomorrow girl!!!

    Love Iron Chef as well and would be awesome to be a judge on there!!

    Do u ever watch Chopped?!! Love that show too!!

    Have a great nite!!!