Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diaper Bags and Sunflowers

I meant to post yesterday, but was to tired!  When we were in the OBX we stopped at the Coach outlet.  Remember J gave me $ for our anniversary for a cool, hip diaper bag, so I thought it was perfect timing to hit the outlets.  BINGO I found this great Coach bag and it was on sale!!
I love that I can use it as a purse as well!
And Lots of room!
I may have found some great sunglasses too!
Love a good deal...and it helped they were passing out an extra 10 % off total purchase!

A couple months ago I planted different types of sunflowers.  I had no idea how big some of them were going to be.  I guess that's why they were called "mammoth".  There were at least 5 that were as tall as the house!!  I also picked up some red ones.  They were not great.. i think they looked like death.  They were red with black center.  Not a fan.  Justin hated all of them and said they looked like big weeds.  SO, he got his wish, I let him cut them down.  It does look a lot better.
Look how "mammoth" they really were!
Look at those roots!

It is a beautiful, hot day so off to the pool.

Pregnancy updates tomorrow... have our second u/s!!

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  1. Goodness! That sunflower is as big as his head!! LOL