Monday, July 19, 2010


We are back!  What a great trip we had!  We arrived to the OBX Wed around dinner time and headed right out for dinner. 
Thursday was all day beach day!! I loved it.  Nothing beats a summer breeze, feet in the sand and good friends!  We went out to Kelly's for dinner and it was fabulous!!!!!!!  I had Filet Oscar and OMG it was the one of the best steaks I have ever had!!  After dinner, Kelly's had a band playing so we stayed to dance and sing along.  Being the only pregnant one of the group, when 12 am came along I was ready to GO.  I went to pay their bar tab and the bartender was super rude.... not good.  When I am tired, the littlest thing sets my emotions off.  I started crying, so Justin went home with me while the others stayed to dance!
Friday we drove up to Corolla to spend the day with Justin's family.  We had so much fun.  Have you ever played the game Things?  It was so much fun and would be great with our friends! 
Saturday we went to a place where you can drive on the beach and set up shop!  It was my first time driving on the sand and it was pretty cool.  I will admit I freaked a little when the car started shaking.  The wind was really bad so after the shaky drive and lots of set up (for the little boys) we packed up and went to the pool.
Meat and Little Bear
so cute!

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  1. Hi :) Just found your blog... such cute pictures!! We just got back from the beach at HHI, and this really makes me want to go back! Looks like a great trip (minus the grumpy bartender.. boo to him!)