Sunday, July 11, 2010

Italian dinner rules

Today we went to Justin's "second parents" house to watch the world cup final and dinner.  Dinner at their house includes 4 families and some way or another, they are all related!  Ronnie married Connie's sister and Connie's sister married Ronnie's brother and so on!
We all sat down, at a very long table, to "macaroni", meat, salad and bread.  Did you know there was an order to eating?  Apparently I missed it bc once everyone was seated and had their plates full of pasta, I served my pasta and salad.  Everyone started looking at me! Then one of the men said there is order... first "macaroni" then meat, then salad.  What?  I wasn't eating the meat, but if I was, I would have wanted it in my pasta. right?
After dinner Justin brought out the moonshine.  Oh boy...did he realize it was a work night? Nope!  Three Italians and my husband = a loud table!
It was good to see the Murhpy's, but I am glad to be home in the peace and quiet!

What do you call your pasta? Do you eat it all separately?
I usually either say spaghetti or noodles with red sauce!  Today was a learning experience!


  1. So was the meat separate from the sauce? You really didn't mix it together? I'm with you ... we always called it spaghetti or noodles. Our sauce was mixed with the meat. But I don't have an Italian relative anywhere in my family & my Mom has probably only made homemade sauce a handful of times! :) I like my salad either before or with my meal too, but I do see some people eat it afterward.

  2. Yeah, the meat was in a separate pan and there were lots of meats: meatballs, sausage, and steak maybe?! different.... for me!