Monday, September 20, 2010

Shopping for babies!

Who doesn't love shopping for Baby clothes?
This weekend I bought Baby Girl and Baby Boy their first outfits!  I wanted to buy something in every store we went in, but I was told by my MIL that we were shopping for me :)
Couldn't resist when I saw these cute outfits
Baby Girl needed a bow :)
I absolutely adore babies with these head bands with flowers/bows clipped to them.  This is actually a pack of three bands (brown, black and white) to wear with the green daisy.  The other outfits they have been given have green in them, so I thought this would be perfect and go with most outfits.  I ordered this from Etsy the day we found out their sex :) Yay for bows!! There will be many more of those!


  1. Where oh where did you get those outfits? So cute!

  2. Thanks Miche! Outfits are from Old Navy!