Saturday, September 25, 2010

Big day!

I have been a terrible blogger.  Just a few things to catch up!
1.  I cooked a lot this week!! Even tried some new recipes that I love....I'll have to share later :)
2.  I am expanding every day!
3.  Proud that I went on some great walks this week.
4.  Excited that it is finally going to cool down and feel like fall
5.  My friend Lindsay had her baby and I get to meet him at her baby shower today!
6.  After the shower Mom and I are going to Babies R Us to register.  Justin has been doing the research and wrote down things he wants our babies to have!
7.  Going to get a much needed manicure!
8.  Woke up at 6:15 and already doing laundry
9.  Going to our friends house tonight to watch the UGA game....hoping we will actually have a win!

Let's pray for a peaceful, fun time while registering.  As much as I love mom's opinions, I don't think she likes when I don't agree :)
Still having trouble on bedding...which wouldn't be such a problem, but I can't pick out cribs, rocker or paint color until I have them picked out!

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