Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have lots of random thoughts and comments today.

*just weighed in for the week and did not gain any weight.... not sure how that happened!
*It looks pretty outside and I wish I could just take a ride and sit out there for a few minutes
*I'm having a contraction
*I really want to take a shower, wash, dry and style my hair, and get dressed in "real" clothes
*Get all my thank you cards done in blink of my eye
*Finish a book
*Give thanks to all my friends and family for all they have done

*Today I am being selfish bc I just want to be at home, sleep in my bed - with my husband, not on a separate couch, do my own laundry, cook my own meals, clean my house (yes, I said it), decorate my babies' room, Christmas shop, decorate our house for Thanksgiving and Christmas,  go on a walk and lots more.
Justin brought me back to reality by saying if two years ago I was told I would have to stay in the hospital for 2 months to have healthy babies, I would gladly do so.  I only want what is best for them.  I think captivity has gotten to me.

*I enjoy when visitors stop by!  Yesterday I had three sets of visitors - complete with laughter, starbucks, goodies from The Fresh Market and Mom's Spaghetti!

Looking forward to our U/S tomorrow!  can't wait to see how much Max and Claire have grown!

OH! how could I forget yesterday and today's thoughts for the day!
Yesterday:  "kiss someone goodnight even if he is already asleep"
Today:  "leave everything a little better than you left it"

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