Friday, November 19, 2010

Growing Babies!

Our babies are getting big!!  Yesterday, after patiently waiting, they came to take me on my "field trip" at 3:30.  They did all their measurements, checked my cervix and tried three times to get good 3d pictures.  On the third try we got a few good pictures of Claire's face and one picture of Max with his hand covering his face.
Claire's foot

 somebody's hand! 

Max and Claire each gained a pound and are measuring 28 weeks. That makes their Mommy and Daddy very happy :)  Not much has changed with my cervix.  All they say is it is very dynamic - which is why Dr. Cousins doesn't have a "feeling" about me...meaning usually she has a feeling when someone will go in labor or if they will be here for a while. But NOT ME. Go figure!  We will just keep taking our days.
No change means I still have shower and bathroom privileges! YAHOO

This is Claire.  If you look in the middle you can see her face.  She has a little squishy nose (justin) and it looks like she has Angelina Jolie lips - not sure where they came from!  Definitely still sporting chubby cheeks!
 This is Max. He's hiding.  His hand is in front of his face.  We did get a quick glimpse and it looks like he has my chin?  We'll see!  It appears he doesn't like his picture taken!
                "Be happy and your children will be, too." 

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  1. AWWWWWWWWWW!! Claire is already so beautiful!! And that sweet little hand is too precious! Max wants us to be surprised.
    So thankful that they are staying in that belly... they look happy in there!
    Hang in there Kelly, you're already a great mom! SO proud of you!