Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just another day

Not much to update.... I do the same thing every day!  Yesterday was very quiet - no visitors.  Today I had quite a few.  My good friend, Brooke, brought me coffee, a robe and a shirt, childhood friend and her mom brought me TCBY and I had a surprise visit from my friend's mom that lives in Florida!!  It was so nice to see everyone.  Racked up on magazines...I'll be busy for a while!

Had a weigh in today.  I gained back the two lbs I lost so I am up to 20 lbs.  Feeling good.  Had a few contractions, but nothing bad.
Mom is bringing a chicken and rice dinner tonight! AND my cousin Elizabeth is in town from work so she'll come by for a little.

With tomorrow being Veterans Day, I'll have lots of visitors!

Looking forward to our checkup appointment on Friday.

FYI: I was not an English major, nor was I ever a good writer... so I am sure there are run-on sentences, commas in the wrong places and many other errors :)

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