Monday, November 8, 2010

Max and Claire's Baby Shower

There are not enough words to describe how special this day was!  One of my best friends planned this shower from Florida, we changed the location three times and it was perfect!  My dr. had suggested we have it in the hospital.  The room was perfect and everything looked great!

After the shower they brought the decorations to my room!

We received so many wonderful gifts!
Mom demonstrating the mamaroo
Blankets galore!
and much, much more!

Love all my family and friends!

My best friend, Ashley that gave me the best shower I could have asked for! and she even planned it all from Florida!  AND stayed with me in the hospital for two nights! Love her!

Afterward, Mom and my aunts had fun wheeling me back to the room!
Thanks Dr. Cousins for letting me have a shower at the hospital!

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