Tuesday, December 14, 2010

31 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  31 weeks
Total weight gain? I'm thinking 25 lbs... I'll get weighed on Thursday
Movement? A lot!
What I miss?  Comfort of hearing our babies heart beats 3x a day
Sleep?  It is so nice to sleep in my own bed next to my husband!
Best moment this week?  Coming home :)
Symptoms?  Contractions and my upper thighs on the side are killing me - I thought it was from the hospital bed, but I am beginning to think it is just part of being pregnant and getting bigger!
What I look forward to?  Appointment on Thursday - only if it's a good appointment!  Dr. Cousins will check my cervix again and hopefully we will be ok to stay at home.  I've been good!

I'm as wide as our tree!

11 more days til Christmas!!


  1. Happy 31 weeks Kelly! You look incredible and I can't believe how well you're rocking pregnancy and with TWINS!! You're just amazing and great to see you at home!!

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  3. Hi Kelly! I just started reading your blog ... I found it through another but can't remember which one. I was looking for fitness/food blogs ... I started reading yours from the beginning (I am only a couple months in, until about May of this year, hehe). I know you are now pregnant w/ twins - CONGRATS!! It took my husband and I 2 years to have a baby, w/ multiple miscarriages and fertility treatments and surgeries as well. Our little girl will now be 2 in just a few weeks. :) Also - I live in Raleigh!! Small world. :) I have a blog, but it's private right now ... but if you want you can send me an email and I can invite you to it. Send me an email! mcginnis.meredith (at) yahoo!

    Have a good day! :)