Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cry baby

Man, have the hormones kicked in high gear!!  I'm not sure if it has to do with my insecurity of being home or what.
Today we had a check up appointment with Dr. Cousins.  I was very nervous going in, worrying I was going to be put back in the hospital.  She had written "no wait" on my appointment papers since I am on bed rest.  They took us right away, get in the room, ready for her to come in and the nurse says she is running 30 minutes late! What! I was fine, but still wanted to wait on her. THEN she came in again and said she was still running behind (she was in surgery at Womens Hospital) Nurse said a diff. doctor could check me and finally I said ok. (enter flood gates)   I really was looking forward to seeing Dr. Cousins.  Then, whatyaknow... I hear the voice... she is here!!  I got to see her after all.... all that crying, that is!!  I swear I could cry on demand right now!! ha!

Appointment went well.  I have now gained 26 pounds, which she is happy with, measuring 37 weeks.  Cervix is still dilated, but hasn't changed since I was in the hospital.  Good news!
We go back on Tuesday for one more appointment before Christmas.  Hopefully this means my wish came true:  Christmas at home with our families!!

Life is good :)

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