Sunday, December 5, 2010


I can't tell you enough how wonderful the nursing staff is at Women's Hospital.  This morning I had a nurse that I haven't had since the first week and she had a little extra time so we "played" with the traveling ultrasound machine!  Max has been so wild so we decided to track him down.... turns out, he has flipped.  His head is now at the top of my uterus!  This seems to be a good thing because it has take a lot of extra weight/pressure off of my cervix.  Dr Cousins also decided to do a "surprise, I'm gonna check your cervix".  Great news.... I haven't dilated any more and it seems my cervix hasn't shortened anymore either!  SO...there is a possibility I get to go home on Friday if my FFN test comes back negative! Yay!

Tonight the Nurse Tech came in with a basket of baby socks and glitter glue/puff paint and we got to make Max and Claire Christmas stockings!
I am not creative, but this is what I did with my 5 minutes!  They are hanging from the tv stand :)

Today I am 30 weeks.  We took a picture and it is HORRIBLE so the pregnancy highlights will have to wait until tomorrow!

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