Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 weeks!!

Pregnancy Highlights

 not sure what's up with the hair poof!

How far along?  30 weeks!!! *Dr. Cousins just checked in and measured my belly... it is measuring 36 weeks!  She is excited to find out their weights on Thursday!
Total weight gain? 23 lbs - lost a lb this week
Movement? Yes, so much that Mr. Wild Man Max has flipped upside down or I should say right side up?!
What I miss?  My bed.  This past weekend they had to bring me a new hospital bed bc mine had such a huge divet (is that a word? sp? what ev!) from laying in the same spot for a month.  I had been sleeping on the metal bar and my legs were in a lot of pain.  My new bed is much better!
Sleep?  better besides frequent trips to the ladies room!
Best moments this week?  Having a really cool nurse on Sunday that let us do a mini u/s to find Max and Dr. Cousins saying my cervix was looking good. = possibility of going home Friday!
Symptoms?  Contractions
What I look forward to?  Justin (love you!) getting his hair cut Wed, U/S Thursday, ffn Friday!
We are definitely growing EVERY day!

Today I got a little emotional.  This happened last time they told me I might be able to go home.  While I am very excited about the possibility, I am also scared as hell!  It is so comforting to hear our babies three times a day and having the nurses 2 steps way if I need them.  What if I miss something, or don't feel it?
The decision will depend on my cervix and if the ffn comes back negative - so we will have to wait til Friday to find out!
 I also got flowers today from my best friend!  Our family and friends have been so amazing to us!

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