Sunday, January 9, 2011

35 weeks!!!

Pregnancy Highlights

 I was looking back through pics and this is at 21 weeks - And I thought I was getting huge then! ha!

How far along?  35 weeks!  We hit the next big milestone!!  Crazy how far we have come!
Total weight gain?  32 lbs.. will get an update at Wednesday's appointment
Movement?  A lot!
What I miss?  ?? fitting in  most of my clothes :)
Sleep?  When I am not getting up to go to the br, it is pretty good
Symptoms?  Went off my contraction medicine and bed rest and I have noticed an increase in contractions.  my back is very sore - maybe I celebrated freedom a little too much?, very frequent trips to the br, legs hurt when I sleep and first get up, clothes getting snug!.. the usual!
Best moment this week?  Making it to 35 weeks :)  Going off bed rest!! 
What I look forward to?  Meeting our precious babies!!

So very large!!  I had issues getting dressed tonight.  Jeans just aren't that comfy, these leggings are comfy, but show how large my rear and legs have gotten and I have very few shirts that are long enough to cover my belly!  
I browsed the maternity section at Target yesterday and decided I wasn't spending $20+ on something when I spend most of my time in the house in my pjs and sweats!  Maybe I should have bought a shirt that I could wear out?!

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