Sunday, January 30, 2011

What have we been up to?

The past couple of days have been a blur and flown by.  I can't believe our babies are already 8 days old!  They spend most days eating, pooping, sleeping and more pooping.  You wouldn't believe the amount of diapers we have gone through!  Claire is famous for having a poopy diaper and when we go to change she poops while putting her in a clean diaper or the second we get her dressed, she gives us a blow out!  They have played on their play mat, had some tummy time, read books, spent time in their mamaroos, and today we went on our first family walk!

Justin and I spend most of our days staring at our precious babies.  I can't believe both of them were in my tummy!

I have been patiently trying to breast feed.  Max will not latch on, he just plays and Claire is pretty good most of the time.  She usually stays interested for about 10 min. and I don't think that's long enough to get what she needs.  I have had trouble producing enough for both of them so I have had to supplement with formula.
They have been on an every three hour feeding schedule that has been working well.  Claire, my little chunk, is always first to wake ready to eat!  We just upped the mL to 50.  They are good eaters and we haven't had one spit up! ... i just jinxed myself! 
Their first dr appointment went well.  Claire gained 2oz and Max gained 1.5oz.  Max's body temp was low (96.8) so we keep him layered.  They love swaddling and their daddy is the best at doing it!

We have had a lot of visitors!  Claire and Max are loved!  Their Aunt Darcy is coming to spend the day tomorrow, Justin's parents are coming for 4 days in Feb. and my aunts in VA and NY are coming at the end of Feb.  Can't wait for them to see and meet our babies.

Tuesday we are going to get their pictures made.  A local photographer was wanting to do some work with newborn twins and is giving us a free sitting fee. SCORE!  We will buy the cd with their photos.  I am so excited.  Hopefully we will get great shots and have an announcement out soon :)

not sure about tummy time!


  1. So freakin' cute!! I love the first pic where Claire is giving the "thumbs up!" LOL.

  2. I had trouble producing enough breastmilk too, Kelly. It can be really frustrating and sometimes stressing over it makes your supply worse (at least, that's what my midwife said). Just relax and enjoy your babies ... if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Plus, you're trying to feed TWO!!! I can't imagine. You're a great mom, I know. I'd love to meet your little ones sometime ... they're too precious, and I LOVE their names!