Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo shoot

Yesterday Mom and I packed up the babies and took them to a studio to get their newborn pictures.  When I was in the hospital one of the nurses told me a photographer was looking to work with newborn twins for FREE! Hell yeah...sign me up.  So yesterday was their big day.  Our appointment was at 1 and we were there til 4.  Why so long?  Well, let me tell ya - Max pooped on her and her prop, Claire peed and spit up on a prop and we had to take time to eat!  I had jinxed myself saying they had never spit up!  Leslie has two year old twin boys so she understood!  Besides all of our messes, they did great!  My little models!

bad quality bc i took with my phone

They loved being all snuggled up together :)  Claire slept most of the time, while Max was very alert.

This was one of our headbands but she had a ton to choose from!  I cant wait to get our cd.  They are so stinkin cute!  I could eat them up with a spoon!

Today we took it easy and tried to get back on a schedule.  There have been so many visitors, which we love, but has really (i think) overstimulated the babies making it hard to sleep at night.  They did great today :)
I had a low grade temp (99.7) so Mom made me lay down to rest.  I was in the bed for almost three hours and did fall asleep for a little.  This was my first nap since they have been born.  I am still tired!
Tomorrow a Smart Start nurse is coming to check in on us and weigh Max and Claire.  I'll be interested to see how much they have gained in a week.  We have upped their milk to about 60 mL.  Claire seems to always be hungry!


  1. Oh my goodness, are you just so in love?!? They are adorable!!

  2. We are SO in love!! We are truly blessed :)