Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am so behind on blogging.  I feel it is more important now that I am trying to document what goes on in Max and Claire's life.
They had their first bath when they were 15 days old.  Claire was a champ! 
Loves the water..I'm thinking she is going to be a swimmer!
All clean!

Max wasn't as sure!
We have to be quick with him!

They also had their first walk in the park at three weeks.  Grandma and Grandpa loved taking them on their first stroll! First of many!

They also slept in their crib for the first time at three weeks.  We had the pack and play set up in our room for convenience when they first came home.  It was easier for me and my incision, plus we had not set up their monitor.  Well... Grandpa helped set up the monitor and my incision was feeling much better so there were no more excuses not to.  Justin's parents wanted to help with a feeding so we put them in their crib after our 3:30 feeding  and they would listen out and get them for the next one.  I was a WRECK!  On top of being super tired and hormonal, I had a really hard time not being the first person they saw when they woke up and not having the monitor in my room didn't help either.  It was supposed to help us get extra sleep, but I lost sleep.  I stayed in the room til they fell asleep then went in our room and cried.  I know I was overreacting, but I think it is part of being a new mom and wanting to do everything yourself.  I maybe slept 15 min the next three hours.  They did fine and have been sleeping in there ever since.  I am still having a hard time letting others help.  (Right now) I would rather be tired and do it myself and enjoy every little moment, then let others help or do it for me.  - I am sure that will change soon enough!

This past weekend my aunts from VA and NY came to visit along with my best friend from FL.  We had a great time and I'll blog about that next.  
Next weekend Justin's parents are coming for 4.5 days.

I love all our friends and family, but I am ready for a break!  I need quiet and want to be able to stick to a routine.  It is so hard when people are here or have visitors coming and going.  It seems as soon as the babies get used to our schedule, it gets thrown off.  I can't (and at times don't want to) say no.

More updates later.  Have bottles to wash, bodies to bathe, babies to feed....

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  1. Awe, they're so cute!!

    Yes, it's nice to have help, but yes, it's also nice to not have anyone around. I hope things slow down for you soon. :)

    I mean, as much as things can slow down with newborn twins!!