Monday, February 14, 2011

Mommy's Valentines

Today was not your typical Valentines Day.  Although Justin and I have never really celebrated Valentines Day, I've still cooked dinner and had a nice card.  Mom came over today to help with the babies and made us some spaghetti for dinner.  Well...I just got around to eating dinner and it consisted of cereal - not spaghetti.  The spaghetti is now in the freezer waiting on another night.

The Best Valentines EVER!!

We had a photo shoot in our V-Day outfits!

Claire got a little hungry!
So did Max!

My little ruffle butt!!

Tomorrow is my first day all by myself!  Sure, I've done morning feedings by myself, but this is the whole day!  We will be fine, just very busy :)

Hopefully when I have another free minute, I can post about our first bath and Grandma and Grandpa's visit!

Until then........

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