Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look what I can do!

Still can't believe Max and Claire are 1 month old.  My sweet babies are getting so big!  I got a little teary eyed doing their laundry today bc I know in the next couple of days they will no longer fit in their newborn onesies.
* Max weighs 7 lbs 7.5 oz and Claire weighs 7 lbs 3 oz
* You both are still wearing Newborn diapers although we are getting close to size 1.  There are many times we go through multiple diapers in one changing....esp. Claire!  You like to get us or make a mess as soon as we put a clean diaper on you!
* We have consistently stayed on a 3 hour schedule.  You eat every three hours during the day and we let you sleep til you wake up at night... but it is still 3 hours. We got lucky ONE night and got to sleep four hours!
*  You both are eating about 80 mL each feeding, however tonight we are going to try 90 (3 oz)
*  Bath time is fun for Claire and Max is still not sure if he likes it!  Mommy and Daddy have to be super quick with Max!
*  We are seeing more smiles, although I am not convinced it's just gas :) You are both very gassy!
*  After you eat, we play on your play mat and do some tummy time.  You both have very strong heads and I'm amazed how long you can keep it lifted!
*  Max, you are very noisy when you sleep!  At times you sound like a billy goat - ha! But you are a champ when we put you in the crib.  If you are not sleepy, you just stare at your mobile.
*  Claire, you are getting better at napping and night time.

Mommy and Daddy are so in love with y'all.  You are both such a blessing and I thank God everyday to have you in our lives.  Don't grow up so fast!

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