Friday, February 25, 2011


Today was a tough day.  I think Max still feels bad and he hasn't been sleeping well.  They were fussy ALL day and at times they would fuss together and other times they would take turns.  I got nothing done today.  We did go on a quiet one mile walk that made Mommy happy.  It literally hurts to hear them cry and not know why or what to do.  This afternoon I finally got them down for a nap and knew I had to take this as an opportunity for me to take a nap.  Well... if I'm napping, I'm not pumping or washing bottles.  I woke up at 5:00 knowing I had to pump and thought I would have a minute to get ahead and get bottles made. WRONG.  Max and Claire both woke up at the same time, hungry and having dirty diapers.  This would not have been such a problem except I was pumping and did not have clean bottles.  It is hard to pick them up while pumping and I can't bend over to pick them up without spilling my hard earned milk.  Enter meltdown.  I have never heard them that mad at me.  All three of us were in tears hoping Daddy would walk in any minute.
Let's hope for a better night!

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  1. Awe... sorry to hear you had a rough time. I remember those days with just one, I can't even imagine 2 at a time. You're my hero :)