Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 Months!

Max and Claire are two months old today!!  I can't believe it!  They have been the best and hardest two months of my life!  I want to do a post for each of them because they are so different :)

Today was a great day for us.  They woke up at 6:30am and I held them off til 7 to start our day.  They ate great and went down for their first nap... and actually napped!! the WHOLE time!!  when they woke up, and after they ate,  I made them do a photo shoot in their 2 month onesies.  They were not having it and wore themselves out quickly and went down for their second nap...and once again they did great and slept the whole time!  I was so proud of them :)  I was able to clean up a little and make tonight's dinner!!

After their "lunch" at 1:00 we got dressed in cooler clothes and headed to the park.  We have had several beautiful days, perfect for a walk in the park!  They are now asleep for the night and I am thinking tonight might be the night we get more sleep :)

great naps today!!

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