Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long stretch

I have to say this real quiet or I will jinx myself.  Max and Claire had a 6.5 hr stretch last night.  They ate at 7, had a bath then didn't get up until 1:30!!  Couldn't believe it!  Of course they woke up again at 4:45, but nonetheless, they did great the first time!  Hopefully soon they will be able to drop the 4 something feeding!!!
I can talk out loud now!!  Also, my mom thought I was favoring Max in the last post, so to clarify, Claire does smile a lot now, it's just not on camera!  Each day we are seeing more and more from them and I love it!

Justin's parents are coming tonight so I have been cleaning like a madwoman!  AND I have a babysitter coming for 2 hrs so I can run some errands :)  Busy day! 

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