Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lunch date

Today Max, Claire and I met my friend Lindsay, her mom and her 6 month old, Spencer for lunch at my favorite - Village Tavern!  This was the first time I have taken M and C somewhere by myself (besides the park). 

They did great!  But let me tell you, those car seats are no joke!  It was not easy carrying both of them.  Luckily I got a parking space up front ;)   We need to go out more often because I have a feeling it will not be this easy 2 months from now!

Max and Claire looked so cute today so of course I had to do a photo shoot when we got home!  Claire has the same expression in 99.9% of them..... go figure!  

We've seen lots of smiles from this little guy!

 So proud of Claire!  This is the first time she has reached, grasped and held onto something!


  1. AW your kiddos are sooo cute! Twins right?? (well they pretty much have to be huh?) Just found your blog, I can't wait to look around it some more! :D


  2. Oh my goodness, your babes are so cute!! I remember when my little man couldn't sit up and was propped like that, oh brings back memories ... it goes by too fast :( And my little guy is only 17 months, but they change so much.

    I can't believe you took them both out, two carseats, wow, you're amazing!!

    So happy to have landed on your blog ... viewed a few previous posts, M & C are just adorable, looking forward to following along.

    Maegan :)

  3. Oh my word! Your two little ones are precious!! TOO, TOO cute!! I am visiting from Chesterific :) Just thought I'd say hello!