Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Oh, how important schedule and routine is.... for everyone.  Max and Claire have done so good the past couple of days - they have napped when they were supposed to be napping, slept when they were supposed to be sleeping and playing when they were supposed to be awake.  Today was different.  We had a one month photography appointment at 1:00.  This meant we would be gone when they were supposed to be eating (1:45) and probably sleeping when they were supposed to be having awake time.
Justin took off work to help take them to the studio.  I emailed the photographer to let her know we would be a few min. late and she quickly emailed me back to say she was running about 30 min. behind.  good! NOT
We got there at 1:15.  Her car was there, but she was not.  We were banged on the door, honked the horn and even opened her front door and yelled in her name.... No photographer!  We decided to feed M and C and wait to see if she would show up.  Finally at 2:15 we left.  (I know, I should have had her phone #)  As we were turning the corner, we passed her driving her husband's truck.  Long story short, she had a drs appointment that ran late.  She should have called.
By the time we stripped M and C and put them in her onesie, Max was crying and Claire was asleep.  Great one month pictures!  So we left her house close to 3:00 - an hour past when we should have been leaving and it was their nap time. 
Justin and I still had some errands to run - putting us at home around 4:30.  They would not nap and had a very fussy rest of their night.  Justin said we were never leaving the house again.  Must stay on schedule.

Tomorrow one of my former students is coming to meet M and C and we are going to set up a babysitting schedule.  I just need someone a few times a week for my sanity.  - to be able to leave the house to go to the gym, get hair done, grocery store........etc.

Hopefully I'll have some new pics uploaded tomorrow :)

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