Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunny side up

WOW! We had another BEAUTIFUL day in NC!!  It got to 80 degrees!!  I had a babysitter come this morning so I could go get my hair done.  It feels so good to have a fresh cut and color :)
When I got home she said they did not nap - kept "talking" to each other and fussing.  So after we fed them their lunch, I took them to the park. 

This was my first time taking them out of the house and in the car by myself!  I have taken them out individually, but to nervous to go by myself.  They did great :)
This is a great park!  and is full of HILLS!  I should have buns of steel after today's walk!  I'll look forward to the BOB stroller as this is not the easiest stroller to walk with!  It was so sunny I had to cover their car seats with a blanket.

my little man!
I love him so much.  He just gets bigger and cuter every day!

little diva
she is going to be a handful!!

When daddy got home we took the monitor outside, enjoyed a beer and grilled some burgers!  My kind of night!

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