Thursday, March 17, 2011

My lucky charms!

This picture cracks me up! My MIL bought this for Claire only two weeks ago... I was just sure she would still be in NB!  It is no longer a dress!  I had to put some green pants on her!

We have had a pretty good day.  It is beautiful here!  I took them on a walk for their afternoon nap!  It was to nice to be inside!  When we got back I had to pump.  This is when it is difficult with two babies.  If they both wake up, i am screwed!  I either spill my hard work milk when I bend over or I have to stop pumping - which does not benefit any of us.  They have not had a great nap today.  I can put them down drowsy, they fall asleep but then wake up after a few min.  This goes on and on through out their nap.  What am I doing wrong?  We play, change diaper, swaddle then go down for a nap.  I will definitely be glad when daddy gets home tonight! 

baby girl!
little man!

It was sooooooooo sunny today!  I brought out the sunglasses I bought them at Target - they were to big :( So I found some hats - they were to big so I ended up going back to the house to get blankets to cover their faces.  I was so worried they would get burned.  
*side note* 6 years ago, justin told me he loved me for the first time.... go ahead .. awe!!

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  1. Girl, dressing these kids has to be the highlight of your day!! They are just too cute!!

    And don't beat yourself - you're not doing anything wrong. They'll have good days and bad days, and Babywise is a great way to go. They'll get in the groove soon enough. You're doing great!!!