Monday, April 4, 2011

All smiles :)

My little man and pork chop diva have been all smiles the past few days!

They have been smiling bc Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Darcy came for a visit.  LOTS of love and spoiling!
Mommy's coworkers came by to meet them and brought spinach lasagna, bread, herb butter and salad! OH, and the cutest socks with an adorable packaging.  Her daughter is super crafty - check her out!

They were happy that Mommy got a full day of pampering (last Friday).  She got a massage, manicure and a date night with Daddy!
The weather is beautiful and that means more walks :)
We are going to the beach this Friday!! and expecting beautiful weather!

Max has started mimicking.  I have been sticking out my tongue, he tries to follow then laughs!

This morning I saw something on my dresser.  Turns out it was a paw print from my little buddy, Coltrane.  He passed on Oct. 28 (I remember bc it was my first day on bed rest).  The vet had a tile with his name and paw print on it along with a beautiful poem.  I was immediately in tears.  I miss him so much!
You may wonder why I am just getting this.. One of my best friend's mom works at the vet where we took Coltrane and another one of my friends told her not to give this to me while I was on bed rest - that it would make me even more upset.... I would be upset anytime.  She came over last night to drop off something else and gave it to Justin. My sweet, sweet Coltrane!

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  1. I just can't get over how stinkin' cute those babies are!!

    And I'm sorry (again) about Coltrane. That pic of him is adorable.