Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Not hair roots.... but teeth roots.  My tooth, #14 to be exact, has been hurting since March 7th when I got my bite fixed.  I have gone back a second time to get it fixed and it did not help...next stop, the endodontist.  I went this morning for them to look at it knowing that I was possibly getting a root canal.  They did a quick xray and determined that I needed one. YUCK.  The doctor was awesome and the only thing I felt was the numbing shot.  Ni-eve me thought that was the end of my hurting tooth, but  now I have to get a crown.  Why is it that you finally get ahead financially, then something stupid like a root canal happens??  Not to mention I had to pay for a babysitter... I would much rather have done something fun if I was going to have a babysitter!!

Tomorrow is Max and Claire's 2 mo. checkup!!  Can't wait to see how big they have gotten :)

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