Friday, April 22, 2011

Max 3 months

My little Man

OMG! You have grown so much!! I know I said this last month, but this time... I mean it!  You are constantly making the funniest and cutest faces.  Beebs (my mom's name for now) will just look at your pictures and lol at your faces! 

You have an old man's hair line right now!  You have thin, very blond hair on top and in the back you have a darker, thicker blond!  You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes but your onesies are all 6 month.  You have started to wear "big boy" pjs too!
- You wear a size one diaper
- You have really increased your milk!  We give you 6 ounces each feeding and sometimes a tad bit more at your bedtime feeding. You still get mostly breast milk - one formula bottle at night. I am hoping I can keep that up.
- We have dropped a night feeding! YAY! and I have a feeling you and Claire will be sleeping through the night soon.  You first dropped this feeding on your first beach trip :) and a couple of nights later you slept til 4:15!  (your last bottle was at 7:15 and you went to bed at 8:15)  You haven't done it since, but I know you will again soon.
-You went on your first road trip to the beach.  We had a blast and look forward to our beach trips this summer.
- You are a very happy baby and smile all the time.  We can get you going by sticking out our tongue and sometimes you mimic us :)
- You rolled over!  You have only done it once but are trying so hard to do it again.  
- You still love your play mat and are constantly hitting the rattle and making the songs change - our little dj!  I have been playing a baby einstein video in the morning while I pump and you and Claire seem to love the music and objects that go across the screen.
- I think you are turning into a Mama's boy.  I LOVE it!  You love to snuggle and we think it is so cute when you put your little arm around our neck :)

We can't wait to see what you do in the upcoming months.  I am more in love with you every day and so proud of how you are growing!!

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  1. He is so handsome, and I love his silly face, haha, too cute!!

    It's so great that you are recording each month ... it goes too fast and you'll love having these to look back at :)